Dear Friend,

First of all, thank you for being our friend indeed! We truly appreciate your friendship, communion and support!

We Comboni Missionaries have been working in South Africa since 1924. So far, we have been supported up to now mainly by our families and Comboni friends overseas. But as you know, times are not so easy there and they simply cannot afford to be as generous as they wish. We would like to ask you to help us bear some of the expenses of continuing publishing and mailing our magazine Worldwide and pursuing our missionary endeavours with increasingly local resources.

Please can you help us? Even a simple donation would be appreciated. But if you are able to offer a larger sum or, better still, pledge to make a regular donation—that would be wonderful. Thanks a lot for what you are able to share!

Banking Details

Worldwide Magazine

Account Number: 0711574417
Branch Code: 334445

Cheques payable to: Catholic Church Worldwide

Contact person: Fr Gordon Rees – Comboni Media Centre
PO Box 266, Silverton, Pretoria 0127, South Africa
Tel.: 012 804 6193
Fax: 012 804 6654
Cell: 072 928 4214

Banking Details

Comboni Missionaries

Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 022 505 032
Branch Code: 018 305 (Bedford Gardens)
Cheques payable to: Comboni Missionaries

Contact person: Fr Mariano Perez – Comboni Missionaries
PO Box 28656, 2101 Kensington, Johannesburg
Tel.: 011 618 9812
Fax: 086 633 6218
Cell: 079 964 5921