The father of African Christianity

“Daniel Comboni distinguished himself for his total dedication to the missionary cause for which he spoke, worked, lived and died”, it is said in the Rule ofLife (# 2) of the Comboni Missionaries. He was a trailblazer. His life is a hymn to entrepreneurship and courage. He was a man without frontiers. Armed with an unshakeable faith, an intrepid temper and an indomitable courage, he pursued the evangelisation of Central Africa—a vicariate with more than nine million km2, almost one third the size of Africa. Continue reading

The holiness of Comboni challenges us

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Great Family: priests, brothers, sisters and lay people who are inspired by Comboni’s holiness

What are we celebrating on this tenth anniversary of Comboni’s canonisation? We wish to celebrate the missionary holiness of a man who was able to open his heart to the plan of God in his life, allowing himself to be transformed into a tireless worker in building up the Kingdom among those people who became the passion of his life. Continue reading

Come back, Comboni!

On the 5th October 2003, Daniel Comboni was canonised. On that occasion, Cardinal Gabriel Zubeir of Karthoum, cried out in his homily: “Come back Comboni, to where you belong!” In fact, Comboni, although born an Italian, belongs to Africa: “It was in January 1849, as a 17-year-old student in philosophy, I vowed to consecrate my whole life to the apostolate of Africa” (Writings, 4083) Continue reading