Come back, Comboni!

On the 5th October 2003, Daniel Comboni was canonised. On that occasion, Cardinal Gabriel Zubeir of Karthoum, cried out in his homily: “Come back Comboni, to where you belong!” In fact, Comboni, although born an Italian, belongs to Africa: “It was in January 1849, as a 17-year-old student in philosophy, I vowed to consecrate my whole life to the apostolate of Africa” (Writings, 4083) Continue reading

A man of many relationships

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Holy: Comboni was endowed with a broad mind, a large vision and a deep-rooted spirituality.

Fr Joseph Rebelo

Daniel Comboni was an outstanding missionary. He was a very capable and holy person—multi-skilled and with a rare intellectual capacity. He was endowed with a broad mind, a large vision, leadership qualities and a deep-rooted spirituality. These are more than enough reasons to be proud of him as our spiritual leader and missionary guru.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 1.03.12 PMAlmost any culture, ethnic group or civilisation, since time immemorial, has a creation myth—to explain the existence of life and help people to cope with the hardships and the mysteries of living. Generally, myths are more or less elaborated stories of the birth of the Cosmos and of humanity itself. For Jews and Christians, the myth of Adam and Eve, already present in older religious traditions, is the opening key of the Bible. Myths have evolved into the most intricate theological speculations which present an obvious danger: when they tend to ossify and are seen as real facts, instead of pointing upward to an ultimate reality, they actually debase it. Literalism is, and always was, a source of religious misunderstandings, sectarian splits, even wars. Together with its twin brother, fundamentalism, it obscures the transcendence of the story—what was just a myth is able to spread fear and irrationality, even in a faith that has as one of its core messages: “Fear not!”